Hello friends!

I’m Ella!

A Filipina bookworm, Psychology student, piano teacher, church pianist and a baker. I just started blogging last March 13, 2014 although my love for reading started since I was a kid.

Great things start from small beginnings..

I can’t remember exactly what made me love books, but as I was growing up a bookshelf would always be a staple in my room. I started from fairy tale books in elementary and then moved on to books with lots of short stories. Until I met classic books that were usually required in our school. Great Expectations, Around the World in Eighty Days, Pride and Prejudice and of course, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. For my classmates, reading assignments were a burden, but for me it was entertainment and a way to pass time. I can even remember spending time and being friends with our school librarian.

Then came Harry Potter.. It was around Gr.5 when Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling became famous when my addiction to books started to kick in. Honestly it was the movie that drove me to read the entire series. I kind of grew up with Harry Potter(there goes my age :P).

I thought Harry Potter would be the only book I was the gonna love. I was wrong. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer became the talk of the town and it ignited the bookworm in me again. I was a teenager and I was a sucker for cheesy romance (ok, and vampires too).

Before, I only limit myself in to reading books that would be produced into movie. But I got bored and I discovered an amazing website where my to-read pile grew enormously.

How did I start blogging?

Truth is, I am a beauty junkie too. I stalk beauty blogs and Youtube videos. Then I thought, there should be book blogs too. And after stalking book blogs, I decided why not start my own blog too? I usually share my feels and rants on my personal Twitter account and I realize not everyone who follows me appreciates my emotional melt down on a book. That is why I created The Filipina Booknote. 😀

I blog because I want to share my experiences upon reading. Also, I want to meet fellow readers and bloggers who have the same passion.

Other than reading books, I also enjoy watching Asian dramas and movies. I am the resident baker of the family and a pianist of a church choir too. I rarely go out so I enjoy the rainy season, except the fact that rainy season brings out the frogs in hiding. I love watching other foreign series too and I enjoy watching movies too. I can spend the day watching a whole season of a series or just reading a book.

I like making friends so checkout my social networking sites! Don’t worry I don’t bite. 🙂



3 thoughts on “About

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  2. A fellow bookworm and psychology student, awesome! I find it interesting that you started reading book blogs before you made your own, I had no idea they even exited!

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